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Originally Posted by fonzi54 View Post
My dryer has been making a squeeling noise. I found that the front glides are worn away and the bearing has been worn down as well. is there an easy way to replace the front bearing and the glides? Thanks.

It's not that hard a repair to make, for the front glides.

Open the dryer door, remove the screws that secure the top of the dryer to the front panel, and raise the top.

loosen the (2)screws, holding the bottom of the front panel to the frame, in the kickplate area.

Disconnect the wire harness to the door switch, and remove the screws(1 on each side) holding the front panel to the cabinet frame.

Lift up and out on the front panel and turn panel around, you'll see the worn silicone glides(2 white/2 green) and they can be replaced.

On that style unit, most high pitched squealing noises are due to the rear drum bearing, wearing out.

to replace that assembly, you'll also need to remove the cover plate in the center of the back panel, and remove the clip(s).

Remove the belt off the idler pulley assembly, and slide the drum out the front of the cabinet.(use the belt for leverage, or as a strap).

Reverse the procedure to re assemble the dryer and plug the power cord in and test the unit for operation.

Part number: AP2041815

Part number: AP2041815

Part number: AP631382

Part number: AP631382

Part number: AP2619300

Part number: AP2619300

All you need is, basic hand tools and a little bit of time to do the job.

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