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Yeah, I'm thinking somebody replaced a switch or relay or something and reconnected it wrong.

Since the unit is almost identical to the old, I'm going to steal the old schematic and follow the base power wiring grid to make sure the switches are all wiring properly. Sounds like it could either be a nightmare, or maybe a couple harnesses switched.

Thanks for the confirmation of the coils, but why would the tumbler spin backwards on an AC induction motor? Doesn't really make much sense to me.

The old unit has several issues, first was the previous owners did some mickey mouse repair to the agitator spindle top and JB welded it in place cause it stripped out, so in agitation mode with a load in, it barely moves the clothes AT ALL. That plus clothes come out smelling very moldy and musty, there must be a load of builup in the bucket. We tried the white vinegar trick and other cleaners, cleaned the drain hose, inspected all water fittings, etc.... and nothing got rid of the smell.

The dryer also had issues drying even half loads. I cleaned out the blower ducting and the dryer hose going to the wall and it only slightly improved.

Thanks for the tips! Sounds like it's time to break out the trusty Fluke!

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