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Default Replacing the water tubes - GE TFX28PBDAWW

Originally Posted by mrfixit454 View Post
Hello, in my GE Profile side by side, I have been chasing broken water line issues for a few months now, the unit is about 10 years old. It appears the heat from the compressor makes the lines brittle by the valves.

1. I fixed the ice line a few months ago but now the larger line running to the water tank has broken thus dumping water on the floor when using. The line disappears under the fridge towards the refer section . I can see 2 lines coming up inside the refer section then dissappear behind the lower drawers. I assume an in and out for the tank. How do I get to this tank?

2. I should probably change the in and out filter lines as well however I use an RO system and have the "plug" put in for bypass. I pulled out the cover on the back for the fridge for this filter but did not see much. Can the lines be changed or does the entire filter assembly need to be changed as well?


I have the exact same model in the same installation situation. I removed the lower three shelves on the refregerator door (they lift up), then removed the crisper drawers and found easy access to the water tank assy, which incorporates two integral tubes made onto it. These tubes run down through a grommet in the base of the refrigerator (easy to pull through and re-insert new through these holes), then, under the fridge, one runs back to the water valve near the compressor (accessible through the back panel), and the other runs forward then along the front edge under the front of the fridge to a coupler under the freezer door jamb just above the floor. The other side of that coupler runs up through the freezer door to the in-door water dispenser. You can replace just the tubes (5/16 polyethylene tubing... NOT 1/4 inch), which is cheap & easy to do, but you'll need two compression couplers or similar to connect to the old tank where you'll need to cut them off. Otherwise you can order the entire new tank assy with new tubes on it and replace the whole thing. I did the tubes - works great! Good luck!

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