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Default Possibility of low voltage?

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I have replaced my GE fridge that had a burned out control board, followed by three incidents of compressor failure even after replacing relay and overload. I have heard of similar trouble on the same model of GE fridge.
I now have a new Whirlpool and it's working fine, but I have to wonder: What if I have a wiring or other electrical issue that may be causing a low voltage situation? The fridge is on the same circuit as one other outlet in the kitchen; currently serving a microwave. All had run perfectly for over 5 years before the control board failed, tripping the circuit breaker and starting all my compressor failures, even with a new board. (the new board had it running for 3 weeks before it failed again)
I realize it's best to have the fridge on its own circuit, and I may have that done. But I also worry about the wiring itself, particularly the outlet serving the fridge. I hate to damage another fridge.
Is it realistic to think that a low voltage issue could have developed recently and damaged only the refrigerator compressor? (fan and inside blower were working fine on the GE) I will track down a multimeter in the next day or so and try to test the outlet.

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