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Gene -
In his initial post, jappel2 said his burner stayed on low. When my "light" problem first surfaced, I had the same problem, i.e., my dual-coil burner wouldn't shut off completely. The other three worked fine. After a lot of trial-and-error attempts, I did get the dual-coil burner to shut off. However, the power light stayed on. We continue to use the cooktop, but only the three smaller burners. They continue to work fine. Because of the difficulty I had getting the dual-coil to shut off, I have not tried to use it. I have always assumed I would have to replace the switch. The parts diagram shows only one switch type, but several different parts. Knowing which switch part(s) to buy is my dilemma.

In terms of the owners manual, unfortuately, we didn't get that when we bought the house. I understand the need to cycle between on and off to maintain a constant tempertaure and prevent glass damage. What I'm not clear on is why if I put the burner on it's lowest temperature setting the coil gets so how. My wife and I have cooking experience of about 70 years. We've burned more things on this cooktop in 3 years than the rest of our experience combined. And burning occurs almost always on low temperature settings. I'm trying to figure out if: 1) The design of this unit requires each coil to go at least temporarily to "high" when it is used - in which case we can't do anything about it; or 2) There is a problem with one or more switches or burners, and finally 3) My wife and I need to take cooking classes. ()


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