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I replaced my water tank yesterday with these parts.

AP3205548 (WR17X11440) Water tank disp asm
AP3670039 (WR02X10471) Fitting, water connector union - 2 of these
Cut off water supply behind fridge and run water from dispenser.
No water should be coming out.
Take out 3 bottom food containers and shelves.
Unscrew tank assembly, mine had only one screw. Pull down styrofoam and then tank.
The tubes are surrounded by a styrofoam tube. Slice it vertical to take off
with a single edge razor blade. Careful not to slice tubing.
Make a mark or place tape on one of the tubes upper and lower
so you know which tube is which after the cut.
Cut tubing on bad tank about 6 inches from bottom where it goes into bottom of fridge with razor blade. Make as straight a cut. Take tank out.
Push a connector on both pieces of tubing coming out of fridge.
Take new tank and compare with old tank. Take off stryfoam tubing around tubes. Cut those tubes 1 to 1 1/2 inches longer than bad tank just in case you have to do this again in the future. Better to have more than less.
Connect those tubes to refrigerator tubes making sure you connect to the right tubes based on the marks you made in step 4.
Turn on water supply and start the water dispenser until it starts filling with water. Can take 1 -3 minutes as the new tank has to fill.
Look at tank and fittings while water running.
You should be leak free.
Screw assembly back in and push tank foam up. Push tubing back as it is longer now. Take split foam from tubing and surround tubing. You are done.
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