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Unhappy error code F2 E1

Originally Posted by denman View Post
What was the original problem with the unit?
Was it the F2E1 error?
What prompted you to replace the control board?

F2 is a keyboard problem but these touch panels are difficult to troubleshoot due to their complexity.
The display was going dim all of a sudden, and my husband took it apart to check it out and when you would move the white connect wired harness a spark would happen on the board. So we searched around for help on the topic and I had even been complaining for a few months I didn't think my oven was heating like it use to, it took alot longer to reach the temperature I thought. Is the two Ribbon cables the connection between the touchpad and the control board it doesn't come off it is on the glass panel with the knobs. or is the white wiring harness the connection? I'm just asking, my husband is good at repairing things and this oven has him stumped as to what the problem is.

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