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Default To Change the Maytag Neptune Front Loader Door Boot 12002533

The door boot has an instruction sheet but it is not too good. See Neptune Help for a video on how to inspect your door latch wax motor to disassemble the front of your Neptune. Don't forget safety when working on your appliances! Remove power from machine before disassembly and wear safety glasses!

To change the door boot I would start by peeling the door boot from the front of machine opening. Next, the top panel needs propped up so you can get to the door boot cable/spring which is located on top side of tub. Using pliers remove the cable spring from either cable end and remove the door boot from the tub cover. It might help to have someone hold the cable end with needle nose pliers while you unhook the spring.

Just reverse process to reinstall. I would first reinstall the cable spring on the new door boot after it is aligned with the opening first. This step can be a little tricky. I would have someone hold the cable end with needle nose pliers and then pull the spring over to hook the cable end. I would also try to slightly push the spring towards the rear so the spring / cable does not pop off tub cover. If it does pop off then you will have to reroute the cable around the boot again and try again.

Finally, push the new boot into the front of machine opening.

The new 12002533 Neptune door boot will have a plug installed with a clamp. You will want to remove this plug and attach the hose to the door boot and clamp it.

Note: If you have an MAH3000 ( or some MAH4000's) then your machine did not ship with a door boot drain so water will sit in the door boot pocket which will assist the mold growth. You can add a drain to you machine. The "Boot Hose" kit is available at Neptune Help. The kit includes a hose, guard and clamp. You will need to drill a hole in the left nipple on the tub cover and clamp the new hose to it and this will allow the water to drain out of the door boot pocket.

Don't forget to change your faulty 12002535 door latch wax motor if your Neptune has a timer knob (non digital) and on the MAH3000's with serial numbers starting with 10 - 25 you have (2) more wax motors in the soap dispenser that should be changed as well. The original wax motors will eventually short out and damage your Neptune to the tune of a $450 repair bill in the case of the door latch... But if you have experienced the no spin failure, which is mostly evident when the R11 resistor is burnt on the machine control board then you can try repairing your control board with the STAGE 1 repair kit with wax motor.

Lastly... another tip to save you money. If you notice your machine getting louder when it is in the high speed spin cycle then it is probably your bearings telling you to replace them... You can replace your bearings and save money. If you bother the repair guy they will want about $900 to replace the outer tub which includes the new bearings. You can do it without replacing the outer tub in 99% of Neptunes. See Neptune Bearing for more info. They also have a special tool kit you can rent which has a step by step DVD...

I hope this post was informational and provided you with value...

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