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Originally Posted by maguiver77 View Post
Hi I have a MDBH975AWS dishwasher. The key pad buttons started to stop working about a year ago. Today it got worse and only one cycle would work. So I took out the circuit board to check it and noticed that the large disk capacitor is all burned up. I cant get any numbers or info from it so I can replace it. Does anyone know where i could get a schematic for the board. Does anyone have access to the board to tell me the type of CAP.

The Circuit is maytag 6 920258 Rev A
date code 0605300943

If that helps


Sorry ,

You're not going to be able to get the rating and part number for a capacitor on the control board, most likely from anywhere.

The Manmufacturers don't release that kind of information for liability reasons.

You'll need to determine which control board you need and replace the assembly.

Apparently, only a control board kit is available,

Part number: AP4009230

Part number: AP4009230

And based on your description, you'll need to clean the end of the key pad ribbon with alcohol, before you attach it to the new control board.

or replace it as well.

Part number: AP4364367

Part number: AP4364367

Good Luck,
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