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Default Adjust door switches
Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a GE Profile JE2160SF003 microwave, about 4 years old. It has worked fine until now. The problem is when I press start to heat, there is some clicking like usual and the microwave counts down, but the light does not go on, the turntable does not move, and the heating element does not go on.

Reading on this site, I opened the unit, and checked the fuse, which was intact. What I found was, the door switches seem to need adjustment. As I slowly press the door release, there are 2 clicks close to each other. If I just trigger 1 click, the microwave operates normally, but I have to hold it in that position.

Many posts have mentioned that you must adjust the door switches when replacing them, but I have removed the entire plastic housing for the switches and light, and have not found any adjustable parts. The switches snap in place, they seem to operate fine with a nice "click", and there is no play for adjustment of the plastic housing itself, just 2 screw holes. Am I missing something?


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