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Thanks for the quick response. I was able to mess with after work today and noticed a couple of things.

*It's not dead, it's just the lid switch is really wonky and wasn't making contact at all, I discovered this by accidentally pressing down the convex lid which in turn tilted the lid switch safety UP into the switch further, I actually gained cycles that never worked before.

So the switch needs to be replaced.

*After I got it to move again, I tried a couple of functions, it fills with water,agitates, drains to about 1/4 water before rinsing, fills with rinse water. However it will no longer spin, it makes a labored buzzing sound and starts to produce the burning smell I smelled earlier then clicks off, almost like a circuit breaker type thing.

Thanks for the diagram magician, I'll drain it and see if can take a look-see. Judging from the last paragraph, do you have any idea what it may be?

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