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Your oven sensor seems low, it should be about 1000 ohms at room temperature.
This is a negative coefficient device so a low resistance on the sensor will cause the oven to overheat and this may have fried your board.
Here is a good site with info
Unplug it and see if the control comes on. This is a long shot as it should not affect power to the control board.

Is the oven light and stove top indicators working.
If yes then this tells you that you are getting 120 volts that is requored to run the control board.
If not then you have lost Neutral for some reason.

Have you tried unplugging the unit for about 10 minutes and seeing if it will reset. I sort of assumed you have doe this as you have been checking resistances but thought I should ask just in case.

If you do not have a wiring diagram there is one at the Sears Parts Direct site.
I would check the wires that supply 120 to the control board are OK.
If yes then your board is probably shot.
Check that they have not put a thermal fuse in one of these wires and not bothered updating the parts info.

I could not find your unit at AppliancePartsPros but they probably do sell parts for ths unit, give them a call.

After you do the above checks you may want to order from them as they will allow you to return the board if it does not fix your problem.
See their return policy.
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