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Thumbs up The correction!!! (always check your sources...)

After not being able to correct the washer with the replacement door lock switch and control board, I decided to give up and replace the washer. Packed up the purchased parts for a return, put the originals back in the washer, moved it to another location in the laundry room. Wanting to show the issue to a buddy who was thinking about taking it off my hands for his shot at a repair, I successfully washed three full loads without a problem. The only difference between when the washer worked and didn't was where it was plugged in.

Turns out that my laundry room has outlets on different circuits -- one dedicated to the washer and dryer and another that services some lights and outlets. A check of the outlet that the washer normally uses indicated a voltage a bit over 130 vac. After turning off the circuit at the board, the voltage was still a little over 5 vac. Tracing the line to the source indicated a break in the circuit box for the common line (probably caused by an initial stress while bending the line when the house was built -- finally decided to break and burn off a little insulation). Correcting the connections in the breaker box brought the voltage back to around 120 vac, making the board happy again.

The gas dryer on the same circuit didn't show any issues since it doesn't have a control board. The board was obviously getting a little too much voltage to handle so was freaking out a times. Not enough excessive voltage to fry the board, but just enough to confuse it.

During my analysis of the washer, I never checked the source voltage, only checked within the washer itself.
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