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Default A "Crippling" Thanksgiving

On "Thanksgiving Eve" my wife had returned from the grocery store and had all the fixins for a tremendous Thanksgiving dinner, next to Halloween it is without a doubt her "High" Holiday. You would think you were in Plymouth Rock if you came into our dining room, turkey plates, turkey silverware, turkey stemware, ad nauseaum, well she enjoys it and I like the food. Our dogs, Cletus and Lucy (Arkansas Leg Hounds) were also anticipating the coming feast and were "Underfoot", as usual. My wife after opening a low cabinet backs up a step and feels a dog there, when she tried to not step on the hound she stumbled, fell and broke her ankle very badly. It was like the scene from "A Christmas Story" , all of my visions of "Turkey Heaven" were dashed! We had a house full coming over and my wife being the trooper she is, a "small" gin and tonic and 3 percocet's later cheerfully prepared and cooked the entire meal with her casted foot elevated up on a stool, this is now referred to as the "Thanksgiving that almost wasn't". Thankfully our crappy almost new Frigidaire stove decided to work fine that day!

Now when we unload groceries I run the dogs out of the kitchen until they are called to take inventory of their "Snacks" that my wife always gets them. Not appliance related but a near "Horror" story for sure! She said I looked so sad that she could not possibly "Cancel" Thanksgiving! Three Cheers! Hip Hip Hooray! A chorus of "For She's a jolly good fellow!"!!!!

"A Hungry Dawg Hunts Harder"

A grateful husband

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