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I was able to find a new microwave emitter and the microwave oven works great. My problem now is the plastic shelf guides are burning due to their age and I can keep them going for a little while longer by filing down the rough edges that catch the microwaves. That stops the smell. Also you have to keep the wire shelf away from the back so it doesn't arc. Some thermador service men are good at keeping this going. The shelf guides are discontinued by Bosch because it's a bad design to have a convection oven and a microwave in the same unit. You won't find those in modern replacements and I'm sure I'm not the first person to report these problems. I'm looking to replace the whole oven which measures 24-1/2 x 47-1/2 including the lower oven which is fine. But there are no microwave uppers and conventional lowers available in that width. Only 27" and 30" and that runs into cabinet repair. Would love to find the rack slide kit L & R. but all inventory among the obsolete parts people is gone. Good luck.
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