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Originally Posted by macmom28 View Post
Thanks for the information! Are they difficult to replace? (Husband is fairly handy.)
Actually, I have a way I do it, where you dont have to take the belt off, or the drum. He takes the front off, and then he takes the front blower housing off, which has 4 screws holding it on. 2 on the right side front, and 2 on the left side front. Then he removes the blower housing. Then just pull the dryer drum off the rear rollers, and it will kind of sit down, and then he can get to the rollers. He will need a snap ring plyers to take the rollers off. Once done, lift the drum back on the rollers, and put the blower housing back on, and then the front, and instant quiet dryer. Tom Appliance Educator, Appliance Parts, Washer and Dryer Parts, Refridgerator and Freezer Parts, Stove and Oven Parts
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