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Originally Posted by bridgewater View Post
Thank you very much for your help. I removed the bottom front panel of the washer while running & noticed that the Idler pulley would spin off & on making 2 noises. It would take a while but when the Idler pully stopped I would hear a high pitched squeal. I also noticed that the back of the Belt was worn smooth from friction on the stationary Idler pulley. When the Idler pulley wheel would randomly spin again it would make an intermittent chirp. I assume that I should replace both the Idler pulley wheel and the belt.
While looking I also noticed that the Idler pulley wheel was not directly in line with the Spin pulley & Motor pulley. The Belt rides low on the Idler pulley.
1- Do I remove the whole motor/Pump assembly to replace the 2 parts?
2- Should I try to align the new Idler pulley?
Much thanks again for your Help.


That's what I was thinking / hoping .

Here's excerpts from the service manual, that should help you.

Besides the parts I mentioned in the previous post(belt, idler pulley) also order the idler assembly spring, I think you'll be happier in the long run.

Part number: AP4047318

Part number: AP4047318

Motor Disassembly
1. Remove nuts, steel washers, spacers and rubber

mounts securing motor to mounting bracket
2. Lift motor off mounting bracket and remove
remaining rubber mounts and steel washers from
motor mounting studs.

When installing motor on mounting bracket,
position motor with switch facing toward left side
of mounting bracket


When assembling motor to motor bracket, it is
extremely important to make sure the motor is
centered on isolator pads and all fasteners are
evenly torqued.

Pump and Belt Removal
1. Remove motor, see “Motor and Mounting Bracket”
2. Remove screws securing pump assembly to motor.
Reassembly of Pump and Belt

Install pump and belt together. Drive belt MUST
be replaced with belt No. 40053602 for one and
two speed models; or 40053601 for some two
speed models and three speed models (special
clutch-type belt) for proper washer operation.
Refer to Parts Manual for proper belt part
1. Remove any corrosion or foreign material from motor
2. Apply a thin film of No. 03637P lubricant to the end
and sides of motor shaft.

This lubricant helps keep moisture out of the
hub area and prevents corrosion.
3. Align belt on motor pulley and tension pulley as
4. Align pump impeller hub with motor shaft. Verify belt
encircles rear pump leg. Slide pump onto motor
shaft until legs touch the embosses on the motor
housing before securing.

Tighten screws to 35 inch-pounds maximum.
DO NOT overtighten screws!
5. Install motor and pump assembly into washer, see
“Motor and Mounting Bracket” procedure.

After installing motor and pump assembly in the
washer and all hoses have been secured, along
with reconnecting idler spring. Add at least one
quart of water to washtub to lubricate pump
seals. Running a pump without water will
damage the seals

Idler Lever and Pulley
1. Remove motor, see “Motor and Mounting Bracket”


Lay motor on its side. Observe belt
configuration around rear pump leg. Belt

encircle rear pump leg when reassembling.
2. Remove nut, washer, and bolt securing idler lever
and pulley to motor mounting bracket.
3. Apply a light film of No. 03637P Lubricant to area of
idler lever that makes contact with motor mounting


Excess lubricant
can be thrown into pivot dome area during
normal washer operation. Any lubricant on the
pivot dome, base or friction ring will affect
washer operation.
4. Reverse procedure to reassemble.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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