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Thank you very much for your help. I removed the bottom front panel of the washer while running & noticed that the Idler pulley would spin off & on making 2 noises. It would take a while but when the Idler pully stopped I would hear a high pitched squeal. I also noticed that the back of the Belt was worn smooth from friction on the stationary Idler pulley. When the Idler pulley wheel would randomly spin again it would make an intermittent chirp. I assume that I should replace both the Idler pulley wheel and the belt.
While looking I also noticed that the Idler pulley wheel was not directly in line with the Spin pulley & Motor pulley. The Belt rides low on the Idler pulley.
1- Do I remove the whole motor/Pump assembly to replace the 2 parts?
2- Should I try to align the new Idler pulley?
Much thanks again for your Help.
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