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Originally Posted by mitch8 View Post
I have a gas dryer that doesn't produce any heat - everything else appears to be running properly. I've checked the sensor (measures about 12 ohms when disconnected to the system; the igniter measures about 60 ohms; and one of the solenoids (the 2-connector one at the rear) measures infinity. I suspect this is bad. The other solenoid with 3 connectors measures 1365, 1960, and 595 ohms taking all the combinations into account.

My question is how do the solenoids get removed from the assembly? Do you have to take the whole assembly out?



Sounds like a bad coil set to me,

You should be replacing both coils.

Part number: AP2150379

Part number: AP2150379

Not that hard a job,

There are two phillips head screws that attach the metal coil retainer bracket to the valve body, remove the screws and retainer, and the coils slip up and off the plunger of the gas valve.

There is a metal sleeve on the plunger of the three prong coil, make sure it remains, or gets installed on the plunger before you button it up(sometimes it sticks to the inside of the coil).

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