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Default E6 F2 Code - Whilpool Oven - Please Help!

Hello! I have a Whirlpool Double wall Oven with an electrical problem.
Model# Model RBD275PDB12 (black)
Serial# XL3907821
I believe my house got hit by lightning and my oven panel is now blank, but beeps. It occasionally has shown the error E6 F2, but usually a blank screen.
From reading these threads, it sounds like it probably is the control board, correct? Do I need to replace the control panel first?? ($$) I read somewhere, Gene, that a similar problem could be possibly fixed by replacing a transformer?? (much cheaper$). Also, if you do recommend replacing the panel +/- board, how do I get the side trim off to expose the screws? I don't see any screws on the outside of the trim. Thanks!!!!!
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