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Here are your parts
Replacement parts for General Electric DVLR223EE0WW Electric dryer |

The way the start works is that there is a centrifugal switch on the motor. It closes when the motor gets close to operating speed. It is wired in parallel with the start switch and then makes the circuit to the motor once the start switch is released.

There is also a second centrifugal switch on the motor. This switch turns on the heating coil. It is there to ensure that the coil does not come on till there is air flow.

Since you have heat we can assume that the mechanical actuator in the motor is OK so odds are that the switch is shot. The only way to fix this is with a new motor as the switches are not available separately.

I would check for a bad/loose connection just in case.
Also check that the belt switch (Item 803 in Section 1) is OK as this is also wired in the motor circuit.

Here is a good site with dryer repair info.

Check out #5 Ge units, then # 28 wiring diagrams then #4 and #5 for examples of GE wiring.
I think yours is close to #4
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