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Default Checking the simple first....paid off!!!

Hey it looks like you do have the majic touch!
The wiring box that connects the dishwasher wiring to the electical wiring that runs to the circuit box is located on the front, behind the metal kickplate; so I did not have to drag that thing far so good!
When I removed the metal electrical box cover the cap on the black wire was mealted and the black wire from the dishwasher was just hanging on.
I cleaned it up and reatached the wires, turned the breaker back on and the dishwasher is now running.
I then started to think how could the wiring get that way and I now remember that a couple of times when I would open the door and empty the machine there would be a bit of water on the bottom; in fact some water would leak out of the front onto the floor.
I wonder if some of the water leaked into the metal wiring box and caused the melt down situation.
I have been reading about several other folks having water in the base of their machine.
The water is clean and does not have an odor so I think it must be water leaking in from the water supply hose.
Is that a possible issue?
Thanks again!

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