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Exclamation Kitchenaid is ripping you off

The EXACT same thing has happened to me 4 times. If you open the dishwasher door during a cycle, and forget to close the door, your normal, light china and cancel buttons will start blinking in a few hours and your dishwasher will become inoperable. I found this out the hard way, each time I had to call a service repairman and pay over $300 to get a new control panel installed. I asked Kitchenaid each time what was causing the problem, every time they said they had no idea. Well finally the last time, I realized it must be opening the door mid-cycle that's causing the issue. Sure enough, I've stopped doing that and I haven't had any problems since. The bottom line is that Kitchenaid sucks. First of all, a dishwasher shouldn't break just because you open the door mid-cycle. Second of all, if that does cause the dishwasher to break, Kitchenaid should tell its customers NOT to open the door mid-cycle. Instead Kitchenaid is covering up its flaw, and is more than happy because it's getting money from the servicing companies each time you pay for them to fix your dishwasher. Bottom line is that KitchenAid SUCKS, and you're much better off going with an honest, reputable company like GE.
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