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Default having same urine like smell from back of whirlpool fridge


Saw your comment on the whirlpool fridge smell. We got our whirlpool side by side just over a year ago and for a good portion of the time now have been noticing a sweet, pungent almost urine like smell coming from the back of the fridge right near the vent from the fan above the drip pan. Like you i sopped up what little water was in the drip pan (very difficultly mind you, no room at all) but noticed no real odor out of the water. I even cleaned the tray with alcohol and wipes but still not that dirty. Shortly after the fridge produced the same smell. Its overwhelming and very frustrating. I even had repair man come out, sadly the smell was not present when he was there and he convinced me it was my walls or floor.

Have you gotten anywhere with this or found any answers or solutions!!? Im so lost and fear it will be a never ending battle trying to find the problem or get whirlpool to replace it! Please help if you can.



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