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Originally Posted by JLH99 View Post
I'm about to replace the door boot on my 8 yr. old Maytag washer. The boot is sliced almost all the way around. Something stiff or sharp must have overhung the tub in the groove and sliced it as it turned. The part is ordered (from APP at half the cost of Maytag's). I believe a clamp and drain come with the boot in a kit. So before it gets here I have some questions. How do I get access to the damaged boot? It appears that the back must be removed to remove the top to remove the front. Is that correct? Are there any tricks I need to know beforehand?

I searched the forum for help and found a reference/link (from Sidlink43 to naphilli on 8-14-09) to a service manual but looking at the link I find no help in getting access to the boot or anything about the boot itself. The manual was for an older model with a couple of updates but nothing of help. Maybe I just missed it, if so, call me Bozo and just tell me where in the manual I can find the help I need.

Thanks in advance

Is this the manual reference, You are referring to ?

You need to refer to page 66 or 7-1 .

There were no major changes in the repair or parts access procedure,

anything different would be considerred minor and self explanatory.

As you will see, the composition of this manual will require you to bounce back and forth from one chapter to another, but I'm sure you'll figure that out, and have the machine repaired in no time.

Good Luck,

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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