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Originally Posted by jeffreybryer View Post
I have a Kitchenaid Trash compactor-in May 2009, i replaced the centrifugal motor switch (with a bit of help) and recently replaced the Upper limit switch thinking that it was the reason that the ompactor wouldn;t stop at the top of the cycle & turn off. After replacing the ULS, i've found that it just continues so-was it the ULS after all? I just checked the Solid Compact switch-when turned on-it still returns to the top position instead of remiaing inside the bucket/can & again, it does not stop cycling & makes the tamping sound until i open the toe kick & it cuts off. I've checked ohms on the switches & now i'm going to look at the actual motor while it cycles. I don't know what else to do? I wonder if the new Top Limit Switch has four (4) different settings and perhaps i moved the lever? It sounds like it does when i click it-at least two then. I tried to reset it with the top off of the trash compactor but even when i tried to click the upper / top limit switch, the ram wouldn't turn off or stop. This has been going on way too long for me & my family-i would have ben better off calling sears a long time ago-i'm just trying to save $$$-it's so tight i don't know if we'll be here next month! LMK if you can help!
THank you again:-)
Sorry we missed your post.

If it's not too late, you may want to check the momentary start switch (#14 on the diagram). If this switch is stuck closed, then the power to the motor start windings would not interrupt.

- The momentary start switch Part number: AP3180527

Part number: AP3180527


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