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Yes, I can manualy turn the Auger !! Why did you think that it was stuck or frozen ? It really seems that the only prob;em is the 2 tiered ciup (the drive cup) is split in 2 pieces. I swear I even heard it pop ...because it seemed as if the ice was stuck and like a dummy I kept on calling for crushed ice at the door. I don't know what I was thinking, I just thought it would eventually crack the ice jam and to my dismay something did give but it wasn't the ice...It was the darn plastic part !! Does this make sense? Infact,if I take out the ice bucket and piece the 2 pieces together (as it should be) I can actually get the ice to come out the door if I call for cubes. It will keep coming until it hits an ice jam where it meets a little pressure then it splits apart and stops. I just don't know how to open the ice maker itself. Do I just undo the 4 screws onthe bottom sides of the unit and then lift it out...But then is where I get a little worried cause I don't know how to put the new drive cup in all the way at the back. I have read a lot of horror stories of how people started to open the auger mech. and if they aren't really careful, it all falls apart. Please a little confidence building is all I need.
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