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Default No Luck...

Originally Posted by Joe / APP Team View Post
Thanks for the model number,

I'm still thinking you have a overheating motor at this point.

Lets try these things first :

Move the dryer out and check for a hole or tear in the flex vent .

Check for a heavy lint build up and articles that have fallen behind the machine.

Remove the top of the machine and look down on the floor and the sides of the cabinet for a lint buildup.

Unplug the machine, remove the cover where the power cord goes into the back of the machine, and check the cord connections for being loose and possible damage to the line cord.

Anything else at this point would require dismantling the machine, and using a multi meter to check circuits and resistances.

A lint build up around or in the machine would indicate lint on or in the motor causing it to overheat and shut down.

A loose connection or damage to the line cord would indicate a possible voltage problem, also causing the motor to heat and shut down.

Please drop us a line when you have done these checks and we can go from there.

Hi Joe,
We had someone come and replace a part with part number MFS-F13DL-SO and that is not the problem either, he cleaned everything also, what else could it be. Even after replacing the part, the dryer still shuts off after 15 minutes and it cost us $185...(which i think is a rip-off)
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