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Default Relay CLicking

My Original problem (12 months ago)
Originally my fan ran very slowly so I swapped yellow and red and it started to turn fast so I figured I fixed a misswire from the factory. Well I just took the fan to work and had an Electrical engineer determine what each wire is for:
White = Common
Red = appears to be a digital/PWM controlled input (hi=on low=off)
Blue = Tach output (not connected on my fridge)
Apparently the +12vdc from the mother board was failing and swapping yellow and red temporarily allowed the fan to run (till it crashed hard yesterday).
Motor p/n: UDQT24LG3 if you suspect a failed motor ($120.00) you can put 12vdc (power adapter) on red and yellow and negative to white and see if it runs (be cautious of the polarity).

Just recently my fridge started clicking:
if the fan moves a little when the relay clicks (as mine did) unplug the fridge, disconnect the fan at the connector at the bottom of the fridge, wait a few minutes then plug the fridge back in, give it >5 mins to start running, if it runs fine I suggest blowing a fan on your coils to allow the fridge to remain cold (saves your food) until you can get it fixed (as far as I'm concerned this will work indefinitely, especially if GE wont fix it for free)

lol... you'll get a chuckle out of what GE offered... they will cover the board (because its a piece of crap) but I'm responsible for the service call and labor ... WTF???... it'd cost >$150.00 if I went that route; they wont just send me a new board. you can get a replacement board online for $100.00 but as far as I'm concerned I already gave them enough ca$h for a crappy board and I'm stubborn as hell.

Fridges shouldn't quit after 16months

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