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Originally Posted by jjberta001 View Post
Neptune does not do the high speed spin ,just low.Replaced the control panel and wax motor three years ago,lock light comes on but still doesn't hit high speed spin even with most of the clothes out,any ideas ? Have it on white cycle also. Motor is not noisy and doesn't vibrate.Washer is level and on a solid tile floor.
Are you sure the machine spins but only slow, it is not attempting to re distribute a off balanced load(tumbles, stops then tumbles again)?

If you have a MAH3000,MAH4000 or MAH5500A model.

Suggest you check the motor control harness and connections at the P4 connector on the machine control board(control panel) and the JP4 connector at the motor control board(inside of cabinet on right side of base).

Check for loose pins and terminals in connectors for tight fit.

Check all wires end to end for closed circuit, If all OK, replace the motor control board.

If you have a MAH5500B or MAH7500B model
The checks are the same but connections are labelled different.

The connector at the machine control board is labled P2,and the motor control board is still JP4.If all checks are OK you will need a motor control board.

Quite often, checking and cleaning the pins, wires and connections, solves the problem, but not always.
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