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Hello Gene,

I found a motor locally. The part number in the link I posted yesterday is WX4X989 and the one I purchased was a WX4X990 ($19.95) and both are GE.
The new motor was stamped CONDENSER MOTOR 2W CW 115V (as was the original, with the only difference being the old was 1300RPM and the new is 1550RPM) and came w/o connectors and so I cut and soldered the connector from the old motor onto the new one. I have installed the new motor and all seems well, but I have a few questions.
Is the fan designed to pull in air from the back and blow it into and across the condenser coils laying across the bottom of the fridge? That is what the new fan is doing now, but the fan is presently turning CCW when viewed from the "front" of the motor where the fan connects to the shaft. (Or should I be viewing it from the "back" to determine rotation direction and in this case, it would then be CW.)
Would polarity be an issue here? I'm not aware of any way, if it is polarity sensitive, on how to make the determination on the two bare leads coming from the new (or old) motor. With AC, it would still spin the same direction as designed w/o regards as to which of the two wires on the connector end were connected to on the motor end, or am I off base?



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Hello Gene,

Well you just made it three for three in great advice as I have no problem in using an aftermarket motor.
Thanks for letting me know about it,



The part number I posted is for the OEM part. If you would like to use an aftermarket part, you can buy it for just $48.56

The part number for the condenser fan motor is AP3720651

P.S. I used them a lot.
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