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Hello Gene,

Was logging back in to add some additional info to better help you help me diagnose the problem and was welcome by your reply. I agree w/ your assessment and will be ordering a new fan motor.
What I found was that if the motor w/ the fan blade attached sat on its base so that the fan blades faced up, then the motor could spin the blades OK and did so for the better part of an afternoon, but when I reinstalled the motor and blade assembly back into it's position which is such that the blades are spinning sideways, then the motor doesn't have what it takes to spin the blades.
For now, I have a 6" desk fan blowing over the compressor and coils until I can get a replacement.
Thanks again for your assistance on this,
Two for two in my book!

Ron a.k.a. Bee46

Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Hi Bee46,

If you are talking about the cooling fan next to the compressor - this fan must run together with the compressor.

In the situation you described I would recommend to replace this fan. You can rely on it anymore and it can cause overheating and damage to the compressor.

- The part number for the condenser fan motor is AP2111368

Here are the break down diagrams for the Frigidaire refrigerator Model FRT26XGCD2

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