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Default Frigidaire Cooling Fan Question
Model Number: frt26xgcd   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: More than 10 years   

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In finding a repairing a pinhole leak in my water filter line, I noticed that the cooling fan that blows over the coils was not turning. A manual turn of the fan blades and it would start turning, but would stop shortly after, requiring another manual turn.
I removed it, blew it out with air and then connected it directly to 110v and it turned fine. I have since reconnected it, but left it out on the floor to see if it continues to spin and it seems to, but also stops periodically and then starts again.
It it a correct assumption that the fan motor cooling system is designed to cycle as needed based off of temp readings from somewhere, or on a timer or the likes?
If it is not a motor problem, could someone please suggest other possible causes for the fan not to start on it's own. A starting cap perhaps? Other?


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