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Joe, I disconnected the hose from under sink and did a rinse/hold in the bucket and no water came out. However when i held the hose lower than the machine level than I wa able to empy out about ahalf small bucket. but this was while the machine is shut. so basicaly water came out seeking its own level.

than disconnected the motor and pump and remove the imnpeller, the impeller looks ok except the out circumference is kinda jagged, its not perfect round as it shud be but doubt that should effect its performance and the impeller was not slipping as had to struggle with it to be able to remove it from the shaft. I did find a very small piece of glass and small pice of rubber.

When the system goes into drain mode than the solonoid switch gois in therby opening a valve inside the pump, this valve is white plastic but it has a black rubber sole, the black rubber shoe is worn out therfore when the valve is open to drain water i think it suppused to completely close the opening into the tub so that the water does not re circulate back,

du you think that cox the rubber show being worn out and not closing the intake when drain mode could be the cause ? but still soem water should be expelled from the drain hose, which it does not.

please advise if the drain valve is available and if the impeller needs changing.

besides that i cant figure out what the problem is, as the oval shaped drain in the tub is clean., and thepiston assembly is new and the plastic box to wch the piston is is screwed on to is clean

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