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Originally Posted by pajero378 View Post
Thanks Joe,

Whats a floating clog ?

The white flapper works fine coz when i press down on the white plastic piece which is connected to the solonoid it opens the drain flap inside the pump.

I tried to remove the lower washarm and in the bargain the clips in the hub holding down the wash arm/fan blade broke. so now I need to replace the Hub or maybe the whole lower wash arm kit but no point in doing that if the machines not gonna work.

I ran the machine twice with out the wash arm to test but water remains in the tub about 3 inches, do u think that the wash arm needs to be in place for the water to drain. ??
A "floating clog" occasionally occurs when a large piece of debris (corn,peas,rice,etc.) passes through the pump and "floats" up and down the drain hose causing an intermittent drain problem.(not a real common occurence but with all that you did do and check, was a possibility.

If you're sure that the drain flapper is operating properly, then that leaves two possibilities :

The sump or sump cover is clogged(located behing the spray arms in the center of the tub(oval shaped opening).

The impeller kit is damaged or slipping on the motor shaft(since it washes OK, not likely).

The spray arms really don't have anything to do with the drain of the tub,
It's all in the sump, flapper, and impeller.

hope this has helped a bit more than previously.
Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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