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Originally Posted by Gibone View Post
Bosch ref. and frezzer ( Ice maker ) not making ice continualy what part could be broke . if any. or is it just 8 cubes and that slow the unit is less than 2 years rd.
Sorry, but,
There are no broken parts(at this point).

As I stated before, in general all ice makers used in refrigerators today take 60 to 90 minutes(60 minutes average), to produce a batch of ice cubes(8 cubes).

Some brands and models do have selections or options that can increase ice production to as quick as 40 minutes(average).

If you wish to test the production: empty the bin and let the ice maker produce ice for a 10 to 12 hour period. at an average of 8 cubes an hour, you should have 80 to 96 cubes.

This is the way the ice maker is designed to operate.

If there is a major shortage of cubes, then you may have a freezer temperature thats not cold enough(0 degree farenheit).

It may be time to replace the water filter in the refrigerator or on the water supply line,it needs to be replaced at least once a year.

Poor air flow due to too much food product in either compartment.

Poor water flow from the water supply line to the refrigerator itself,wrong water temperature(Make sure water supply line is from a cold water pipe,not accidentally on the hot supply line).

I hope this expanded explanation helps.
Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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