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Default Test Results

So I think I have narrowed down the problem to the Baffle Assembly or the Main control board, so I focused my tests to following:

1) Tested the Thermisters: Assumed these are OK.
a. At room temperature = 2.6K Ohms
b. With cooling it goes down to 5K Ohms and more
2) Tested the Diffuser (Air Baffle Unit):
a. With Appliance disconnected = Diffuser flaps Open
b. With Appliance connected and Thermisters at room Temperature = Diffuser flaps closes.
c. With Fridge in normal running mode: Between Diffuser Blk and Or/Bk wires = 120VAC and between Blk and Tl/Rd = 98VAC.
d. With Diagnostic test at Step 5 (Air Baffle Motor test): Between Blk and Or/Bk wires = 120VAC and between Blk and Tl/Rd = 98VAC (ie: No change). The instruction mentions Black and White (Do you know where this wire is located?) wire. When I try to lower the temperature of the Freezer Thermister, I see that the Baffle are trying to open, but do not open more then 0.25mm.
3) Diagnostics steps 1 and 2 are fine. Other tests appear to be fine but did not measure the voltage.

1) Assuming what I have done is correct. How can I further diagnose down to either the Diffuser or Control Card.
2) If itís the Control card, is there one component that usually goes resulting in such symptoms? Can one replace the component?

Thanks again for your time.

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