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Default How do I test the Diffuser?

Originally Posted by Gene View Post
The first failure suspect in such situation is the air diffuser (damper control). I would recommend to replace it together with the temperature sensor (thermistor).

- The part number for the air diffuser is AP3084126

- The part number for the thermistor is AP3745265

If your brother is an air conditioning contractor he probably does not need step by step instructions, but if he does - let me know.



Kitchen Aid Side-by side Fridge Freezer: Model: KSRS27ILWH03 (Purchased)2003

I have a simmilar problem where the Freezer works OK but Fridge does not get cold.
Looking at the Diffuser during operating mode, I see the baffle is shut. Could you advise me how I can test the Diffuser (Baffle Control Assembley) to see if that is defective.
To test the termisters I expected 5Kohms /70degree Ferenhite. Please confirm if this is correct? I got 2.3KOhms, is this still OK?

Thanks in advance.
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