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Default Fan not Turning

Hi Richappy

Please let me know if I am diagnosing theproblem properly or is it more complex than just a fixing a switch.

The fan above the freezer on my GE Model BISB42EKC Side by side Built In is not turning. It doesnt seem to be getting an electrical current. When I hard wire it to an outlet is seems to spin very fast. I am not why it is not getting an electrical current other than that the door is always showing that it is open even when I hold down the switch behind the door. If the fridge thinks the door is open it is my understanding that the fan will not turn on. I could not remove the switch to replace it. It seems very hard to remove.

I have two questions:
1. Is this a more complex issue than just getting a new switch?
2. How do I remove and replace the switch? It does not come out easily.

PS. The Condensor and Compressor seem to be working fine. They both turn on when I turn the dials to the on positions.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. I called PSEG and before even looking at the fridge they wanted to sell me a new one. I know this unit can be fixed.

Thanks in Advance
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