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Default washer trips GFI during fill
Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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Starting a new load of laundry tonight caused our GFI to trip. The washer is in the basement, which is why it's on a GFI. We had a little pool of water under the washer after a hard rain backed up a floor drain today, maybe one inch or so deep, but the trip occured during the second load after no problems with the first. The first load included an extra rinse and spin cycle for some pillows. The trip only occurs when a new cycle is starting, so if I turn to the rinse or spin cycle, no trip occurs and all is okay. I was tempted to just try it in a non-GFI protected circuit, but after the pooling of water today I think that would be very risky, since that's exactly what GFI's are supposed to protect. I appreciate any advice. I'm handy and would love another few years from this workhorse.

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