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Default Had the same problem

Originally Posted by audreypeel View Post
My control panel and the plastic harness which leads to every electrical element in the dishwasher is completely burned and yet there was no safety mechanism to prevent this from happening. Smoke stopped billowing from the unit when the door was opened, thus shutting off the power. For such an expensive stainless steel unit, I would like to know if replacing the control panel and harness is economically feasible. Could there be additional damages beyond what I see (melted controls and soot). Does Kitchen Aid have any responsibility beyond the warranty year?
I had the same problem! our unit,lukily caught fire while my wife and daughter were home.Kitchen aid said they would not cover it because the life expectancy of seven,yes seven years had been met.I'll never by that brand again,but little do they know,i sell over a million dollars a year in appliances and every one of customers hears my brand reccommendation.Guess which one is not on the list.
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