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no additional parts after you loosen the screw. I like to use a 1/4 inch drive 1/4 inch socket with a phillips head bit inside the socket, Gives it just enough wobble to get the screw loose. once you loosen the screw grab the screw and the boot and pull off the tub. If the screw is loose enough it's easy to pull off. Don't forget about the little water nozzle at the top center of the boot, just pull it out of the boot. Now, take the clamp from the old boot, and put it around the new boot. You should see the lip of the tub where the boot will go into. This is where you need patience. Make sure the boot is centered, meaning the hole for the little hose is dead center. There is also a marking on the tub top center to line it up. Start putting the boot on the tub, I start at the top, and work your way around. You will be able to feel it going into the lip of the tub. Once you get it in, make sure the clamp is sitting in the groove, and tighten the screw up, Don't over tighten, but make it snug.. Now put the little hose at top throught the hole in the boot, smear liquid detergent around the hole and slide the hose in, make sure the plastic arrow lines up with the arrow on the boot. Put the front of boot back on the front of the machine, and the clamp, and your done.....

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