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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Did you test the compressor as richappy advised: Upright freezer - compressor cycling, burnt smell?

If you did, what is the result?

Gene, I finally figured out (correctly I hope) that you and Rich meant me to test the resistance between the 3 terminals on the compressor after disconnecting the roasted relay, to see if the compressor seemed electrically sound. Here are my results (the terminals and the wiring diagram on the back of the freezer refer to them as "C", "S", and "M" rather than C, S, and R. By process of elimination I guess that M goes to the run winding, and C=common, S=start.)

C-M: 3.1 ohms
C-S: 8.5 ohms
S-M: 11.3 ohms

I read up on compressor starter relays at - Compressor Start relays and if I understand correctly, the start-run resistance should be equal to the sum of the common-start and common-run resistance readings. Is 11.3 close enough to 11.6 to pronounce it OK in my readings above?
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