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Hi i had to step away from the fridge after borrowing a multi meter actually two. I had to do a lot of reading to get familiar with it enough to test correctly for the part thats bad. To test the evaporator fan was pretty intimidating i had to take everything out for the ice maker to get to mine, I'm still clueless about the reading to test for continuity it was always 4.6 when the red and black leads are touching the terminals. Prior to doing the test i had let the refrigerator run for 3 days and it did seem colder towards the bottom than the top . I used the defrost timer to shut off the cool and get it to defrost. Ice was pretty much all over the coils and one small section by a wall had built up a large chunk . I was wondering since all this started when my ice maker leaked water in my freezer if the water damaged all the units.I've been trying to salvage this refrigerator for darling daughter who is moving in her first house. Ive replaced 4 parts so far and been lucky none were expensive and saved a ton of repair bills. I really appreciate the expert advice Ive certainly learned a lot from this as well.

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