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Originally Posted by studer6 View Post
Gene you seem to be the man. My dryer will not heat up. I checked the ohm reading on the disconnected heater element and it reads .01 ohms. The thermastats read 0 ohms and the thermostat heater reads 0 ohms. I checked my line in at the terminal bar and have 240. Is the heater element reading too low and this the problem or should I look for something else like the fabric switch (ie no heat delicate, normal mode)?


Mike Studer

Don't know what scale you've got your meter set on, but the ohms on your element should be in the 10 neighborhood. Here's the calculation for ohms, (volts x volts / wattage= ohms). The element on your dryer is around 5400 watts.

Do you think you could carefully run the dryer with the drum removed and everything hooked up, and then check the two wires feeding the element and see if you've got 240v to it? Takes all doubt out of the equation. Got power and no heat, the element's bad, no power we need to back up.

Also, you could pull out the element and look to see if it's visibly broken, with the power removed. Your thermostats should read closed (0 ohms).

Far as the fabric switch, maybe, but not likely. The motor switch also plays a part. It has a set of contacts that have to close when the motor starts to complete the circuit to the element.

Check these couple of things and then fell free to get back with us.
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