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Originally Posted by jniggli View Post
You need to check it like a diode. Hopefully your Fluke has a Diode check mode - most do.
Switch the meter to the Diode symbol (arrow pointing to a line).
If you touch your leads together usually a Fluke will give an audible tone in this mode (beeps).
Take the transistor off the board (desolder it) and tape it down and spread the leads so you can probe it.
Put your black lead on the middle leg and put your red lead to either side.
You should see approximately 0.7
Put the red lead to the middle and black to the outside.
You should see no change - just like the leads are sitting apart and unused.
Switch your meter to resistance (ohms - Horseshoe symbol)
Reading across outside leads should be just like the leads on the meter are apart again. You should see no change (typically 0.L)

I just retested my original transistor and it is consistantly failing now. The new ones I picked up read perfect.
I removed the transistor and it failed. will the motor operate with any transistor? I have a 2n3906 transistor available right now. I did however orded the ones from mouse from prior posting, will be here in a few days. Jniggli thank you for your help I learned alot from just 2 of your posts.
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