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Originally Posted by jniggli View Post
Thanks for the info George... I picked up a 512-KSA733YBU (cost a nickel)
I kind of guessed at the hFE value of 120 based on a "Y" on my original part. (my part had a second line with a "YC307" so I took a shot)
Also I noticed a tiny hairline crack (using a magnifier) in the transistor, strengthening by belief that this is the culprit.
The part removes relatively easy with a soldering iron and some Soder-Wick since it is only soldered on the bottom side and the holes don't flow through.
All of the other components checked out good, as did all 12 coils.
SA1 (the horseshoe emitter/detector pair that triggers through openings in the rotor) was the only other component I didn't know how to test and I didn't see a visible part number on it.
Let me know any updates! You may be running on borrowed time!
I have the same problem with blower motor. I wanted to know if replacing the transistor worked. I though I check before spending $145 on a new motor. I took the motor apart and found the transistor but it has a different part number K-322 A1266 Y. I dont know how to test. I have a Fluke Multimeter. any help wopuld be greatly appreciated
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