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Here are your parts
Replacement parts for AMANA AFD2535DES Ref - Bottom Mounts |

So I took off the panel inside the freezer to get to the condensor (I'm guessing at these terms - the radiator in the back of the freezer - behind the panel).
It is the evaporator. The condenser is the coils under the unit by the compressor. Not that it matters as your description left no doubt about where you were in the unit.

So after it was warm dry and clean, I plugged it back in
If the coils were heavily iced/frosted over to the point where the fan could not pull air through them, then you may have a defrost problem.

within 5 minutes frost is forming on the fins - I think that is good.
Yes, very good.

The fan started (I gave it a little push) and it continues to run
So whats next?

Since you had to give it a push and from your other symptoms, I would replace the fan.
It is required to operate at the full speed to push cold air up into the fresh food section and pull air through the evaporator coils to cool it down correctly.
With a little luck that will fix the unit.
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