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Default Compressor Test Good but does not run
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I have a Uline undercounter ice maker/refrigerator combo model 2075FF. The serial number is 046713-02-0310. The model number is U-CO2075FB-00. It has an on/off switch and an anolog thermostat (dial) at the bottom front of the unit. When I plug the unit into the wall, you can hear the pistons (inside the compressor) start to pump, and then it smooths out to a nice humming sound. The unit seems to cool fine.

One day, I decided to turn the thermostat all the way down to warm until it clicks and the unit stops running. The on/off switch was still in the ON position. 1 to 2 days later, I opened the refrigerator and noticed that it was "Hot." Apparently, the defrost heater was running to the point where the ice maker lever was hot to the touch. I quickly turned off the unit and unplugged it from the wall. 2 days passed when I plugged the unit back in and noticed that the compressor did not kick up (no pistons startup sound). both the condensor and evaporator fans are running, but not cool air coming out.

I decided to replace the overload, relay, and capacitor. I turned the thermostat all the way up to coldest. When I turned on the unit, no piston startup sound (a good sign that the compressor is not running). Both fans turned on but not cold air. I tested the compressor terminals and the run-common was half ohms compared to the run-start terminals; so was the start-common terminals was half of the run-start terminals. This appears normal, right?

What should be my next troubleshooting step? Do you think my compressor is bad, locked up, "binding bearing issue", or is there another component that would not start the compressor like the timer or freezer thermostat? On a tangent note, before all this happened, when the unit went into the defrost mode, both condensor and evaporator fans were off (normal) but I can hear the compressor pistons running (like a chunk-a-chunck sound). The same sound as like when I first plug the unit and turn it on. But this sam sound (during defrost) is constant.

Please help.

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