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Default GE profile Arctica, model psc23pssd problems with freezer

Is this evaporator fan motor issue causing my problem?

My GE profile Arctica, model psc23pssd ss isn't cooling the freezer sufficiently. We first noticed this when every few weeks our ice would just about completely melt. Then the ice would build back up, then melt again after a few weeks. Then we noticed the ice cream was getting soft, and the ice problem got worse.

I had a guy out who first told me I needed to replace a sensor, then he said I should just replace the whole board. I would definitely rather try to replace a sensor first to see if that fixes the problem. By the way, at one point he had a panel pulled off in the freezer and I saw a bunch of ice build up on the coils.

According to GE the arctica refrigerators have two sensors in the freezer and it says one is visible. Which one should I replace or should I go ahead and replace both? And would this possibly be a job I could do myself? If so, how can I find out the model numbers I need to order the part online?

Kevin J. Wertz
Garner, NC

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